What is black salt

Discover 8 Fascinating Black Salt Health Benefits

What Is Black Salt?

Black salt is a Himalayan rock salt commonly known in South Asia as Kala namak or Suleimani namak.  It is made from salt mined in the Himalayan foothills. The chemical composition of black salt is mainly sodium chloride and other trace minerals and compounds (like sulfates, sulfides, iron, and magnesium).  However, black salt is not a natural salt but is made from the purest salt on Earth (i.e., Himalayan Pink salt). It is manufactured by adding charcoal, special herbs (like amla, bahera, harad seeds, babul bark, natron, and some spices then the mixture is heated in a kiln for approximately 24 hours to obtain Black salt. The mixture is sealed in the ceramic jar before putting into the kiln for heating.

The crystals of black salt are available in 3 different color shades black/reddish-brown/purple, however, in powder form, it has violet or pinkish mixed color. It has a different pungent smell which is due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide in it but, it has a unique taste that adds flavor to our foods and drinks but some people also found its taste sulfurous and smokey.  Although consuming large amounts of sulfates and sulfide is hazardous to the body, they are found in traces in black salt, making it safe, pleasant, and beneficial to use.

Types Of Black Salt:

1. Black Ritual Salt:

This type of salt is a mixture of charcoal powder, dyes, ashes, and sea salt. Dyes are used to give it a more desirable dark color. It is commonly known as witches salt because it is used in magical activities and evil protection that’s why sold at specialty stores. It is not used for cooking and eating purposes.

2. Black Lava Salt:

It originates from Hawaii or Cyprus and that is why commonly known as Hawaiian black salt. It is simply made by mixing table salt with activated charcoal. It is mostly used as a finishing salt because of its aesthetic impact than the taste.

3. Himalayan Black Salt:

It is the most common black salt that is prepared by using Himalayan pink salt .It has a unique flavor and is widely used in cooking.

Himalayan Black Salt Health Benefits:

Black salt is an important mineral used in Ayurvedic medicines for years. It has some amazing health benefits like:

  • The sodium content of black salt is lower than that of regular table salt. While salt is an important component of our daily meals and plays an important function in our bodies, we consume too much sodium through processed foods nowadays, which is contributing to high blood pressure and other cardiac problems. Therefore, black salt might serve a little role in resolving this issue.
  • Because too much sodium induces water retention, causing different parts of our body to swell black salt is a smart choice providing us with a unique taste and low sodium ratio.
  • Due to its much simpler manufacturing process, Black salt is more natural, less treated with chemicals than table salt, making it a suitable substitute in our dishes.
  • The minerals in it are effective against acid reflux and provide great relief while its alkaline characteristic helps to reduce acidity and heartburn.
  • It is an excellent laxative that increases bowel motions in our body thus making it effective against constipation. Even it is one of the major ingredients in many constipation medicines.
  • It is an incredible anti-inflammatory mineral, and that is why black salt aids in the cure of cracked heels and skin.
  • The potassium in Black salt makes it more beneficial for our health because it aids in muscular relaxation and cramp relief. Potassium also plays an important role in the absorption of a variety of other minerals in our bodies.
  • Black salt does not have any anti-caking agents that can cause allergies sometimes, therefore if you want a simple natural salt you must go for it.

Uses Of Himalayan Black Salt:

Black salt is surprisingly used in various ways and the South Asian cuisines have it must in their recipes. Let’s take a glimpse from its various uses:

  • The most famous quirky, salty, spicy, and sour spice combination Chaat masala especially famous in the South Asian region has Himalayan black salt as one of its primary ingredients. Chaat masala’s unique scent comes from black salt, which allows you to turn anything spicy and tasty.
  • Black salt is an excellent umami (the fifth basic taste) enhancer, adding depth and richness to any meal.
  • Best for vegans to use in their dishes giving them a smokey and egg-like smell.
  • Black salt is taken with water or juices to quickly combat dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.
  • It is also used in facial and body scrubs and face masks because it is anti-inflammatory and has a cleansing property.
  • It is also used in pickles, salads, and chutneys to make them sourer, delicious, and tastier.
  • Ayurvedic have great significance for black salt which reduces weight gain by dissolving and disintegrating enzymes and lipids, preventing fat buildup in the body. Because of this significance, it is included in many Ayurvedic weight-loss medications like Lavana Tailam.
  • It also claims to relieve gas, constipation, and acidity that is why used in many home remedies related to the digestive problem.
  • Surprisingly some people also suggest that a proper addition of black salt in your diet helps combat hair loss, dandruff, and split ends.

Lastly, no salt is 100% beneficial you should be careful and avoid its excessive usage. No doubt that the benefits of Black salt are amazing and it is also tastier therefore it makes it worthy to buy black salt and use it to add flavor to your dishes. But on the other hand, some of its benefits are not supported by researchers and scientists and moreover, they have listed some harmful effects as well like the sulfates and sulfide in it are harmful to pregnant women.