What is black salt

Discover 8 Fascinating Himalayan Black Salt Health Benefits

What Is Himalayan Black Salt?

Black salt, also known as Kala namak or Suleimani namak in South Asia, is Himalayan rock salt. Sodium chloride is the primary constituent of Black salt with other trace minerals like sulfates, sulfides, iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium). Black salt crystals come in three various color shades: black, reddish-brown, and purple; nevertheless, it comes in powder form with a violet or pinky mixed shade. It has a distinct strong odor that is caused by the abundance of hydrogen sulfide in it, but it also has a distinct taste that adds flavor to our foods and beverages, however, some people found the taste sulfurous and smokey. Although excessive concentrations of sulfates and sulfide are extremely toxic, they are present in small amounts in black salt, completely safe, enjoyable, and healthy to consume.

Black salt is a modified rock salt; it is manufactured from the purest salt on the planet (i.e., Himalayan Pink salt). This Himalayan rock salt is mined from the renowned Pakistani salt range that runs from Kalabagh to Jhelum, spanning the regions of Mianwali and Chakwal in Punjab province, with approximately 12 billion tons of rock salt deposits. Black salt is made by combining charcoal, particular herbs (such as amla, bahera, harad seeds, babul bark, natron, and other spices), and heating the mixture in a kiln for around 24 hours. Before being heated in the kiln, the mixture is enclosed in a ceramic jar.

Why Himalayan Black Salt Is So Famous?

No doubt you can say that black salt is the soul of South Asian dishes giving them that mouth-watering taste that makes you crave more and more. Here are some incredible ways to add black salt to your meal.

  • Black salt is a brownish pink rock salt that does not dissolve well in water, making it ideal for cooking because it does not evaporate.
  • Himalayan black salt is one of the key constituents in the most famous odd, savory, hot, and sour spice blend Chaat masala, which is notably popular in the South Asian region. The distinctive aroma of chaat masala derives from black salt, which may be used to make everything spicy and appetizing.
  • All over the world black salt is mostly used to sprinkle on top of dishes before serving especially in frilled foods. Because it has an earthy flavor that complements dishes rather than dominating them as the table salt does.
  • Mostly in South Asian kitchens Black salt is combined with other spices like cumin or curry powder and a unique spice mixture is made and stored that has more intensity than using just one spice and gives a new savory flavor to simple dishes.
  • Black salt is great umami (the fifth basic taste) enhancer, giving any dish more depth and richness.
  • It is perfect for vegan dishes as it gives them a smokey, savory flavor with a meaty or egg-like smell. Vegan meals might benefit from the use of black salt, which has a rich, earthy flavor. It can be substituted for other spices like salt or pepper to give vegan recipes a distinct flavor and scent.
  • Black salt, which has a strong, earthy flavor, may be beneficial to vegan recipes. To give vegan meals a particular flavor and aroma, they can be replaced with conventional spices such as salt or pepper.

Himalayan Black Salt The Secret Of Beauty:

We just see black salt as a flavor enhancer but it is far more than that. For years women have been using it as their beauty secret. Let’s see why it is important to add Black salt to our skincare routine.

  • Black salt water, ointments, and soap comprising of Himalayan black salt in its ingredients aid a lot in the restoration of oily skin, skin prone to pimples, and blotchy skin.
  • It is also recommended to add Scrub, gels, and creams made with black salt granules to your skincare routine for a natural skin-friendly compound.
  • Interestingly, it is believed that incorporating black salt into your diet will help you prevent hair fall, dandruff, and split ends.
  • Minerals found in black salt can help in hair growth. When used in shampoo, hair cream, or a hair mask, it strengthens thin hair and prevents split ends.
  • Because black salt is a powerful anti-inflammatory mineral, it can help heal damaged heels and skin.

Medicinal Importance Of Himalayan Black Salt:

Black salt has an Important two thousand years of medicinal history, one of the crucial chemicals for Ayurvedic medicines and home remedies. We have collected for you some major medicinal benefits of Black salt here:

  • It’s believed to cure digestion issues, eye problems, dental issues, mental illnesses, anemia, and other ailments.
  • Antioxidants abundant in Himalayan black salt, it also has a surprisingly low sodium concentration. Therefore, it aids in the reduction of blood glucose levels and also in modest amounts, it also helps to manage blood pressure by acting as a natural blood thinner.
  • Because of its lower sodium level than ordinary table salt it may play a minor role in maintaining blood pressure because salt is an essential component of our daily meals and serves a vital function in our bodies, but we nowadays consume far too much sodium from processed foods, contributing to high blood pressure and other cardiac issues.
  • It helps to decrease heartburn and bloating by stimulating bile formation in the liver.
  • It soothes reflux and decreases acid, gas, and flatulence production while also increasing vitamin consumption in the small intestine.
  • The black salt bath is also beneficial for back and joint difficulties. It helps the muscles function properly and soothes muscle spasms since it contains a lot of potassium.
  • It is a good laxative that promotes bowel movement in our bodies, making it beneficial in the treatment of constipation. It’s even one of the main constituents in a lot of constipation medications (Hajmola, karmena, etc.)
  • Various skin conditions such as rheumatism, eczema, scabies, and seborrheic dermatitis are believed to be relieved or cured by taking a bath with Himalayan black slat or adding it to your diet.

Buy Himalayan Black Salt:

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Although black salt has many benefits is made from the purest salt from the Earth it should not be consumed too much like any other salt. Because at the end of the day it is also a salt and too much salt has many adverse effects on our bodies. Not only sodium in the Black salt is harmful and causes high body pressure, heart problems, ulcers, inflammation, dizziness, and others but also the sulfates and sulfides present in it can also be toxic if consumed too much. Dizziness, headaches, weariness, insomnia, distraction, stomach discomfort, skin irritation, skin color change, skin redness, and hives are all indications of too much Sulphur therefore always be careful and add the right amount to your dishes to avoid any complexities.