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5 Reasons Why Salt Lick for Cattle Is the Best Nutrition!

What is Cattle Lick Salt?

Salt licking is where cows can lick important minerals from salt and other mineral deposits. Mineral licks can be naturally occurring or artificial. Usually, a farmer puts rock salt on a pasture for the cow to lick. Licking natural salts used to be widely available and is best in the springtime for bone, muscle and other growth in deer and other wildlife such as deer, mousse cattle, woodchucks, domestic sheep, fox squirrels, mountain goats and porcupines and elephants. Salt lick for cattle is especially important in ecosystems where nutrient availability is generally low. Bad weather exposes salty mineral deposits that draw animals miles away to lick the nutrients they need. 

It is believed that certain animals can detect calcium by licking salt. Lactating cows, for instance, are particularly vulnerable to salt deficiency and every day, they need salt to make milk which contains a good amount of sodium and chloride. Wildlife animals can usually be seen in salt springs or salt deposits in nature which are also known as salt licks. They take the necessary nutrients they need from licking salts. As all animals need salt, the existing salt licks in nature are like popular animal gathering spots.

Is Lick Salt Block The Best Nutrition For Cattle?

Our soils are deficient in many minerals, including sodium. Cattle lick salt is manufactured and fed out to livestock to get the trace elements they need. Early farmers noticed this flaw, added large amounts of salt when stacking hay, and occasionally added fertilizer if cheaply available from a local butcher shop. Studies have shown that feeding a block of mineral salts significantly increases the weight of the stock. 

Himalayan Salt licks are the perfect salt nutrition and mineral supplement for cattle, horses, and other livestock. With all the essential nutrients the animal needs at all life stages – they are an essential part of the daily feed. Deficiency of salt can cause muscle cramps, rough coat, decreased feed intake, licking and chewing various objects, as well as decreased production. Dairy cows get hit the hardest first with salt deficiency and may collapse and die if they have been salt-deficient for a long period of time.

Lick Salt Uses

Salt consists of all the primary elements that help the animals in their growth and development. There are many salt manufacturing companies and industries who have helped many farmers or animal owners to conveniently provide salt consumption to their cattle’s and different animals. One of the best and blessed salt lick development is the Compressed Himalayan Salt blocks. This contains other essential trace minerals as well such as calcium, magnesium, selenium, and phosphorus. All of these minerals are important for the healthy development of animals. Sodium, for instance, balances the pH levels in the blood. Chlorine, on the other hand, balances the acid levels in the body and helps digestion.

Moreover, one of the trace minerals, calcium in salt is fundamental for strong bone and teeth development in lactating cows and nursing calves.

It also has other important functions such as;

● Milk production

● Muscle movement

● Keeping a regular heartbeat

● Blood clotting

● Properly functioning nervous system

Himalayan salt licks are more than just salt – they are a complete health supplement for animals and cattle, including horses, cows, buffaloes, sheep, camels, and home and farm pets. Cattle require salt every day for osmotic pressure maintenance, acid-base balance, body-fluid balance, nerve transmission and active transport of amino acids, cellular uptake of glucose carrier protein, and Sodium as part of salt which provides the majority of alkaline reserve in plasma. Chlorine is necessary for activating amylase formation of gastric HCl acid and is critical for respiration and regulation of blood pH.

Buy HubSalt Cattle Lick Salt

HubSalt has access to salt mines that are located directly at the foothills of the Himalayas, making our product top grade and of the purest quality. HubSalt cattle licks are unprocessed and are without any chemical additive, purely organic and inexpensive as cattle nutrient. They provide cattle and animals the right amount of required minerals for healthy growth and production. Our Compressed Pink Salt Licks have higher concentrations of Himalayan Pink Salt and its block shape makes it easy for ranch owners to place the block at a convenient place. 

Compressed salt lick blocks are also made of 100% natural pink salt without any additives or derivatives. Licking blocks are very practical and efficient solutions as substitutes for natural salt intake. The blocks are generally hung above the ground to avoid dirt and placed somewhere animals can come and lick. Moreover, animal feeding salt can be produced in granular forms as well. Animal feeding salt in granular forms is mixed with animal feed to support their diet and mineral intake.

These Compressed Himalayan salt lick blocks containing 84 minerals & trace elements, are available in different weights.