We produce a comprehensive range of different industrial grades of salt catering to major industries in Pakistan and abroad that include Chloro Alkali industry, Pharmaceuticals, Textile Dyeing, Leather processing, oil drilling and, petrochemicals industry, etc., fulfilling, READ MORE

 Hub-Salt – Pakistan’s first vacuum dried and the purest form of Edible Salt that is known for its high quality and great taste in the food and high-end gourmet industry. We export Renowned Pink Rock Salt worldwide that is 100% natural and extremely rich in minerals, READ MORE

Organic Secrets salt lamps and candle holders are not only used for their decorative aspects but more for their health benefits and their work as natural ionizers. Our organic based products line is carried by organic stores, health stores, alternate therapy clinics, READ MORE

 We bring you the natural salt cave in downtown Karachi where you can experience the amazing health benefits and supplement your well-being in a natural and extremely healthy environment. READ MORE

HUB SALT has always maintained high standards of its products

HubSalt, the first Pakistani salt manufacturing company

Focuses greatly on satisfying its customers. But that alone is not reason enough for our customers to choose us over others. HubSalt would be a smart choice for all because:

  • We are ISO 9001:2015 AND HACCP Certified
  • We are Extremely Good At What We do
  • We Understand Business
  • We are dedicated to Continuous Innovation

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5 Surprising Benefits of Deicing Salt

Deicing salt is the process of removing snow from roads once it has bonded to the pavement. The weather conditions in winter can cause roads and walkways to be blocked by ice which leads to dangerous conditions for pedestrians and drivers.

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What Makes Sea Salt So Amazing For Everyone

Fine Sea Salt has been the top choice of many chefs and cooks for its saltier flavor at minimum usage. Hub Salt ensures that only the finest salt crystals make it to your plate, ensuring that every dish you prepare is as tasty as you intended.


Mind Blowing Fleur De Sel Uses

Fleur de Sel, the French word for, “flower of the salt” is produced in several coastal areas around the world. fleur de sel uses makes this one of those premium salts that can change an ordinary cooked meal into a tasty, finger-licking meal.

Relax and Relief

Salt therapy commonly known as Halotherapy has been around for centuries in Eastern Europe. Research has shown that the effect of the dry highly dispersible aerosol of natural rock salt and other factors of a microclimate have shown to cleanse the respiratory tract and the body as a whole. The size of the particles is the same as in a natural salt cave. Research on salt has shown that Halotherapy alleviates many bodily discomforts that we suffer from today. For decades and even centuries, people have visited salt caves in Europe to alleviate their respiratory and skin discomforts.

Our Certifications

HubSalt is one of the largest salt manufacturing campany that has three manufacturing plants. HubSalt has acquired different certifications for its premium quality salt production.