Black Salt

Black salt (kala namak)

HubSalt’s wide variety of gourmet edible salts also includes kala namak which is also sometimes referred to as Himalayan black salt. It is very popular in South Asian households and is also starting to become very widely available across the European region.
Black salt or kala namak is known for its pungent sulphurous smell and it has a very distinct taste. It is commonly used as a seasoning salt for fruits and salads as it adds a very distinct savory flavor.

MORE GUIDE ABOUT black salt (kala namak)

It is made using pink Himalayan salt which is melted in a furnace together with a unique blend of natural herbs. The salt then darkens in color and develops a distinctive taste and smell. We have formulated a special recipe for the black salt which enhances the flavor and color that the black salt is known for.
Other than its unique flavor, another reason for black salt gaining popularity in Asia are its health benefits. Black salt is known to be helpful for digestion.