Himalayan pink salt

What is Himalayan Pink Salt Licks and Their Advantages


Out of 12 different salts, Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest and most beneficial salt throughout the world. These 12 salts being used worldwide are listed below:

  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Table Salt
  • Sea Salt
  • Kosher Salt
  • Celtic Sea Salt
  • Fleur De Sel
  • Kala Namak
  • Flake Salt
  • Black Hawaiian Salt
  • Red Hawaiian Salt
  • Smoked Salt
  • Pickling Salt


These salts are harvested from different parts of the world and named differently according to the array of colours, textures and price points. Himalayan Pink Salt is harvested by hand from Khewra Salt Mine 5,000 feet deep below in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan. This salt can be found in off-white to deep pink shades. The pink colour is due to its rich iron content. Chemically this salt is 98% sodium chloride (NaCl), which can be explained as a mineral substance of great importance to human health as well as animals.


This salt can be used for many reasons besides the kitchen. It is also known for spa treatments, homemade body scrubs, bath soaks, or Himalayan pink salt lamps which are used for decorative as well as health purpose as they are known for keeping the air fresh and healthy.


Halotherapy is a Greek word, means Halos salt and therapy of salt. It is an alternative treatment that involves breathing salty air. Salts are antibacterial, and mucus cleaning agents, they are anti-inflammatory and decrease immune system sensitivity. It is a process which includes inhaling of micronized dry salt. It treats respiratory issues such as asthma & allergies.

  • Inhaling of Himalayan pink salt ease smoking-related issues like cough & shortness of breath.
  • Cure skin diseases such as eczema and skin allergies.


When your body has a healthy acid-to-alkaline ratio. It makes a huge difference in your overall health. Like it helps in good digestion and it supports the immunity system of a body.


Himalayan pink salt lamps are placed in offices and rooms in order to purify the air, a salt lamp attracts water vapours and dust particles. The lamp heat evaporates the water drops and the dust and allergies remain in the lamp. These lamps are used to clean the air by its inherent nature.


It produces digestive fluids in the liver and pancreas and harmonizes the acid-alkaline balance which helps indigestion.


High mineral contents of this salt help you with more restful and peaceful sleep. Taking enough salt in your daily life acts as a natural sleep aid & helps you sleep soundly. Additional health benefits of Himalayan pink salt include:

  • Fights with ageing
  • Reduces cramping
  • Helps circulation of blood throughout the body
  • Strengthen the bones
  • Good for kidney and gall bladders in comparison to table salt.

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