Salt lick block

Compressed Salt Lick Block for Cattle

What Is Salt?

Salt is composed of Sodium and Chloride primarily, but it also carries other elements like Phosphorus, Calcium and Magnesium. Sodium maintains a blood pH level while the Chlorine helps with digestion.

Symptoms Of Salt Deficiency In Animals?

This deficiency shows lack of appetite, lusterless eyes, rough coat, weight loss, and further observed signs and symptoms entails immoderate diarrhoea, vomiting & sweating. Vulnerable bones, not on time adulthood, reduced fertility or paralytic syndrome are the primary result of the deficiency of calcium. Milk fever is a first-rate hassle in milk-producing cows due to the deficiency of calcium, while cattle that lacks magnesium may additionally result in a hypersensitive reaction, unusual gait, and tremors.

What Is Salt Lick?

A human body is a bunch of many salts. It needs about 50mg salt per day to maintain a proper fluid balance, approximately a human body contains 0.15% chlorine and 0.15% sodium. So just like a human, do animals need salt as well? The answer is YES! All animals need salt especially mammals because they need salt to survive on and to keep their cells complete.

Just like a salt-deficient person is likely to feel weak and lethargic, an animal lacking salt feels the same. Particularly, during rough cold-weather animals need salt for proper development and sustenance of bones. Animals take salt from natural resources as well as from artificial salt licks.

Organic Salt Blocks, also known as Lick Blocks, are used to feed animals. The Salt Block provides essential elements to satisfy the cravings and needs of their bodies.

Why We Use Animal Lick Salts To Prevent Deficiencies?

Unlike the human diet, the cow diet is always sodium-deficient. Natural Himalayan Pink salt lick is a 100% natural and pure source of salt composed to meet the basic needs of salt of livestock like cattle, horses, elephants, camels, pets, and wild animals.

  • A salt lick is accumulated mineral salts utilized by animals to supplement their nutrition, ensuring sufficient minerals in their diets.
  • Calcium and Phosphorus are primary components of bones, and both have a first-rate metabolic role. Salt licks comprise of excessive calcium and phosphorus.
  • This Nutritional Salt block will increase the animals’ urge for food, increasing weight and more milk production that may boost farm performance.
  • They lessen animal laziness & drowsiness.
  • Livestock also loses salts via sweat in summers, as a result in summers those licks are important to create a balance.
  • Cattle yearning salt will begin ingesting strange materials like dirt, rocks, consuming urine, eating mud and wood trying to fulfil their instinctive taste for salt, Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Lick satisfies their cravings.
  • Salt Lick provides salt for muscles growth and regulates a healthy circulatory system and nervous system.

Himalayan Pink Lick Salt Block:

HubSalt is the High ranking manufacturer and supplier of 100% Natural and Chemical free Himalayan Pink Salt Lick blocks. Providing an energetic & favorable source of salt and minerals for your cattle that are also essential for healthy wildlife. These bricks are custom manufactured according to your requirement. Its pink color is the symbol of high mineral content.