How to use salt lick

How to Use and Effective Salt Licks For Animals

Farmers across the states have started providing pink salt licks to their animals for increased fertility and immunity. Overjoyed with its impact on their livestock, the farmers have been encouraging other animal-related businesses to opt for Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Licks.

What makes Himalayan Pink Salt Amazing?

Himalayan Pink Salt has a rich history of over 800 million years of natural condensation and crystallization of the purest mountain dew which has accumulated over all this time. Pink Salt is an amazing boon of nature for animals and humans alike.

While humans have been using it as a preservative for millennia, farmers have recently started to pay attention to it. In the US especially, farmers are now increasingly demanding more and more Himalayan pink salt derivative salt licks for their animals.

Have no fear: Himalayan salts are naturally weather-resistant, making them hold up in even the roughest weather. The lick won’t dissolve in the rain or turn to mush in wet weather. Don’t be nervous about hanging your salt lick outside for as long as it takes your horse to lick through it – Himalayan salt is strong enough to hold up after 500 million years, after all! In fact, Himalayan salt licks are the longest-lasting salt licks you will find anywhere.

If all this isn’t enough to make you run out and try a Himalayan pink salt lick, consider this: horses have been found to prefer Himalayan salt over traditional rock salt licks. That’s right; when given the choice, they went for the beautiful crystal salt – the ‘white gold’ – first.

Not to mention, Himalayan salt licks are great for other animals too, including sheep, alpacas, and cattle.

Ancient civilizations served it only to royalty. Villages used it as a valuable currency to buy goods and services. Kings and queens have soaked in tubs filled with it. We use it to soothe tired, aching muscles; we use it to pamper and beautify ourselves; we bring the mystery, the beauty, the magic of the Himalayas into our homes, and revel in its benefits.

Now, it’s time to treat your horse like the royalty he is – buy him a Himalayan salt lick. Your horse will thank you!