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Himalayan Pink Salt Licks for Horses

Since ancient times, steeds have assisted men in traversing vast distances. Before cars, aeroplanes, and motorcycles, horses were the statement of class and regality among people with the breed and horse’s vitality as defining characteristics of the status and power of its rider.

Majority of elites and superrich partake in horse races and equestrian sports including polo and other such sports. Bill Gates, Larry Olsen, and many other billionaires have their children taking part in such sports, thus breeding horses is the most important aspect of their stables, as stronger and sturdier horses will have a better chance to compete at such levels.

More than 200 million years of history is encompassed in the salt mines found at Khewra. Famous for its unique pink colour, Himalayan rock salt has multiple advantages for both humans and animals.

Salt Lick Blocks are an important part of any stable to increase vitality as well as to ensure the steed gets vital minerals. Himalayan Pink Salt Lick Blocks help your animals get more than 84 minerals and ensure that they avoid any sort of deficiencies naturally.

While in previous posts we have discussed how much beneficial Himalayan pink salt is for cattle and livestock. Himalayan Pink is a natural antidote for animals and livestock, it not only strengthens animals physical strength but also increases their vitality.

What are the Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt For Animals?

  • Bone and Body Cleansing Minerals essential for strength are readily found in Himalayan Pink.
  • Iron helps increase hemoglobin and oxygen absorption in the blood.
  • Sodium helps animals digest their food and increase their overall diet.
  • Animals really love the taste of Himalayan Lick Salt as it’s more natural and has a myriad of minerals giving it a unique taste.


HubSalt has access to salt mines that are located directly at the foothills of the Himalayas, making our product top grade and of the purest quality. Our Compressed Pink Salt Licks have higher concentrations of Himalayan Pink Salt and its block shape makes it easy for ranch owners to place the block at a convenient place.