Everything You Need To Know About Salt Therapy!

The Salt Secret

I was invited a while ago to visit the Salt Room. As a big fan of the salty ocean scent, I thought it might be a little like a day at the beach, so off I went.

Firstly I thought the salt room is a little more like a tiny, personal cave, made of salt where you sit alone as per my wish and relax in just to dispatch my tension and worries by having a suitable environment.

But in actual it’s a spacious room, for almost 7 people to have a session at a time, having a piece of relaxing music in the dim light and the recliners to sit on, and the whole room was made of salt the roof was exactly like a cave and the walls are made of salt bricks that really gave a cool impression and the floor is fully filled with pink salt.

I enjoyed relaxing and digging my toes in the salt, which is all over the floor. Some of it was hardened but some could be loosened up by digging in your toes, the way we do at the beach. Several times while in there, the salt would suddenly get sprayed in from a mechanism built into the salty wall. You could smell it and you will smell a little like it when you leave.

It is actually a very cool (interesting) place to be, and the salt therapy indeed brings remarkable health benefits, with consistent visits salt therapy helps with everything from asthma to acne. Anyone who knows the benefits of the day at the beach might find 50 minutes in the salt room helpful for certain ailments.

The mistake I made was that I kept all my belongings in the locker provided, including my cell phone and due to which I was unable to take any snapshot, of the salt room or of mine over there but no problem next time I will definitely take it with me to capture that relaxing environment that I spent in the salt room.

I must say “it’s the most relaxing thing I have ever experienced”
Here are some factoids from their website:

What Is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy commonly known as Halotherapy has been around for centuries in Eastern Europe. Research has shown that the effect of the dry highly dispersible aerosol of natural rock salt and other factors of a microclimate have shown to cleanse the respiratory tract and the body as a whole. The size of the particles is the same as in a natural salt cave.

Research on salt has shown that Halotherapy alleviates many bodily discomforts that we suffer from today. For decades and even centuries, people have visited salt caves in Europe to alleviate their respiratory and skin discomforts.

How Salt Therapy Works?

Halo Air’s technology grinds the salt into air particles and consistently pumps it into the room to create a dry salt aerosol. While sitting in the room you are surrounded by the fine salt and the negative ions created in the air.

Our high-end technology measures the salt concentration in the air and automatically fills the room with the proper amount of salt particles. The walls, ceilings, and floors are covered with salt to sterilize the room. At the same time, the air is circulated with a developed system to keep the air fresh. The temperature and humidity are constantly maintained to keep the rooms at the microclimate of a natural salt cave.