Salt Resources

Lake Salt


Lake salt in Pakistan is available in excellent quality and sufficient quantities. It used to be a problem for manufacturers to extract the salt from the lakes due to the difficult routes to the lakes but now with the advancements and development of the infrastructure in Pakistan, the extraction has become easier.

Salt Produced

The lakes are located about 300 km from Karachi and the transportation is done using special desert trucks that work round the clock. Currently, a small quantity of 3,000 tons is extracted on a daily basis making the yearly average production to around 900,000 tons.

Harvesting Activity

HubSalt has 2 separate harvesting locations about a 100km apart in the Tharparker region namely, Ankerio and Mokhai. We have the capacity and capability to harvest close to one million tons of raw lake salt from both of these sites and fulfil all of our raw lake salt requirements from these sites. This gives us self-sufficiency, and an independent supply of raw salt that is competition-free, which helps us sustain our selling prices.

2,000 tons Salt Harvesting

900,000 Tons Production

300Km From Karachi