Kosher Salt


Manufactured by means of Alberger process, our Kosher Salt is suitable for kosher processing i.e. removing blood from meat or poultry prior to its preparation. It is a recrystallized salt, which is processed in such a way that the salt crystals formed are light in weight having the unique capacity for blood extraction from meat and poultry. Having large grain size brings forth the needed versatility in the product, allowing it to distribute evenly on surfaces, required to get the job done, but the utility of the salt product does not end here.

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Our Kosher Salt can be put to use at any phase of the cooking process, to enhance the flavor to one’s ambrosial delights!!!

The salt, we offer is a culinary demand in the salt market for all those that wish to induce taste as well as health in their life. The concerned salt goes beyond the traditional salt usage in the world, in actual fact it can be used to soothe bee stings, defrost car windows, and exfoliate dry skin naturally!

Having been in the salt industry for more than 35 years, Hub Salt® is supplying all available grades of Sodium Chloride, to various buyers all around the world with experience and expertise. Hence we bring forth this innovative product for the purpose of relishing the perks of this salt product to customer taste and life.