Double Fortified Food Salt


Double Fortified salt is available in two grades at HubSalt. This idea of double fortification was conceived by those researchers who have been researching on this activity for well over 20 years. We have developed the process and offer two grades in double fortified salt, one being Salt Fortification with IRON and IODINE, mostly used for populations with acute iron deficiencies.
The second type of Double Fortified Salt we produce is with Fluoride and Iodine. It is produced at our facility with utmost care to keep levels of Iodine as well as Fluoride in a controlled and balanced form that conforms to food grade salt standards required to be met in certain countries where governments imply double fortified salts to be used as consumable to counter deficiencies of these minerals in their general population. We have mastered this technique of double fortification and have been exporting these products for almost a decade.