Smoked Pyramid Salt

Smoked Pyramid Salt

HubSalt combines traditional, clean Alder wood smoke flavour with sea salt to create a unique and beautiful space. It produces a mouthwatering seasoning with a distinctive sweet smoky flavor for gourmet dishes. Just add a pinch and wonder why you’ve never done it before! Smoked pyramid salt is a type of salt that is known for its three-dimensional structure. Smoked pyramid salt is an ingredient that is used in multiple dishes all over the world and is considered to be one of the most preferred salts amongst cooks when it comes to adding flavor to their dishes. When the question of its production arises, the smoked pyramid salt is produced by a mixture of natural processes and carefully crafted human processes. The natural processes in the production deal with how the salt is produced initially.  

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Smoked pyramid salt may also be available in different flavors, as explained before these flavors are added after the salt is extracted through solar evaporation. However, adding these flavors to the salt does not make it unhealthy as some people might fear that the methods used may affect the health benefits of the salt and that it can turn into a health hazard. Instead of affecting the health benefits of the smoked pyramid salt these processes only add to the flavor so that the salt may be used in different dishes easily. The first step is to produce pyramid salt. This salt is obtained by trapping seawater and then using the process that is commonly known as solar evaporation. This has been a natural method for producing pyramid salt that retains its natural flavor and benefits but when it comes to the ‘smoked’ part of the smoked pyramid salt this can be added through various methods to add different flavors to the salt. This results in a perfect combination of natural briny flavor along with an added light external flavor. Depending on where the smoked pyramid salt is coming from it may taste different. The taste also depends on the standard of the process and how well they were done to create the perfect smoked pyramid salt flake.

Where To Buy Smoked Pyramid Salt

In Pakistan, Hubsalt is offering smoked pyramid salt in the best of qualities. Hubsalt is a company that is well known for the quality of the product and therefore it only uses the best standards and procedures to create smoke pyramid salt. Once pyramid salt is obtained from the sea, Hubsalt makes sure that it is only of the best quality and then it is sent forward for further processing so that the smoked pyramid salt may be produced. Hubsalt uses the traditional methods for the production of smoked pyramid salt as these methods are internationally recognized. Hubsalt is a company that does not only looks out for its customers but also looks after their taste buds therefore the smoke pyramid salt produced here goes through a process of being treated with alder wood smoke. The alder wood smoke adds a marvelous flavor to the pyramid salt and only adds to the quality of the salt when it comes to the aspects of taste. The smoked pyramid salt produced at Hubsalt is easily available all over Pakistan, throughout the well-known superstores and accessible e-commerce websites.