Fleur de sel salt

What Makes Fleur De Sel Different From Other Regular Salts?

What Is Fleur De Sel?

Many people around us still don’t know what is fleur de sel and why it is the most desired finishing salt by the chefs. This ‘caviar of salts’ is a rare and expensive form of salts. Fleur de sel is the most important ingredient in gourmet salt selection. It is one of those premium salts that can change an ordinary cooked meal into a tasty, finger-licking meal.

The ‘flower of the salt,’ Fleur de sel, is produced by a complicated process. Fleur de sel pyramid crystals are formed by the cool wind in the coastal areas. The thin layer of the crystals that rises on the surface of the shallow ponds is then collected carefully.

The careful handling of the salt makes salt crystals intact, and thus fleur de sel retains its natural taste and aroma. Fleur de sel is an excellent addition to any eatery.

How Fleur De Sel is Harvested

Fleur de sel pyramid crystals are the natural source of many essential elements. Fleur de sel salt is considered a delicacy, and its harvesting is considered a delicate job. Unlike any processed salt, Fleur de sel is hand-harvested and dried by the sun. Fleur de sel uniqueness makes it different from any other kind of salt.

Why Fleur De Sel Is Different From Other Salts

Fleur de sel is different from other salts such as Sea Salt, Pink Salt, and Kosher Salt. The difference in these salts is due to their varying properties and places of origin.

Difference Between Fleur De Sel and Sea Salt

Due to the fact that fleur de sel forms naturally under very limited weather conditions and because it must be scraped off by hand with specially designed sieves, fleur de sel is a very expensive and premium product.

On the other hand, sea salt is made by evaporating seawater and then collecting the remaining salt into mounds. This makes sense if you think about how fleur de sel differs from ordinary sea salt. 

Difference Between Fleur De Sel and Pink Salt

Fleur de sel and Pink salt greatly differ in flavor. The main difference in flavor can be traced to the source of these salts. Pink Salt contains the pigment left over from bacteria that once lived in ancient seas. Minerals left behind by the bacteria can add a subtle taste to the salt.

Compared to fleur de sel, pink salt comes from a mine, which explains their larger crystals. The large crystals have a lower surface area, so it is less salty and subtle than salts with smaller crystals. Pink salt is also known for its crunchy texture. Pink salt crystals aren’t moist like fleur de sel.

Fleur de sel is collected from shallow salt ponds in certain coastal areas by workers called paludiers. Fleur de sel is moist sea salt, and it is well known for its clean and unique flavor. Its moistness help in retaining the briny aroma, which you will not get from Pink salt. Fleur de sel also adds a superb taste to certain foods. It enlightens your sense of smell and taste buds with unique taste and aroma.

Difference Between Fleur De Sel and Kosher Salt

Compared to kosher salt, fleur de sel offers a softer crunch because its crystals are moister and more delicate. Additionally, it tends to dissolve more quickly on the tongue. Its clean, intense saltiness and aromatic characteristics make it suitable for dishes containing the aroma of the ocean.

Due to its ability to dissolve slowly, kosher salt can be used in dishes where large crystals of salt should be visible for a more elegant look. Additionally, you should add it to dishes that will benefit from the added crunch.

Where To Buy Fleur De Sel?

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