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Pharmaceutical Grade


There are 7 different grades which we are manufacturing for the pharmaceutical applications. The pharmaceutical companies are using our various products. Product range starts from Pyrogen free pure NaCl confirming (rather exceeding) the BP, EP, USP, etc and goes to a lower grade of 99.95% minimum of NaCl. Recent addition to our fleet of Pharmaceutical grade is special bromine free grade which has broken all quality records and as a result of latest research this grade has been possible to be manufactured in Pakistan thanks to our R&D. We are going into expansion for this grade and, we are proud to add, masha'Allah, we are already an exporter of this special grade.




HUB-PAK Salt Refinery is an ISO 9001-2008 & HACCP  certified company.

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The theme of this website is based on the serene salt lakes in Pakistan and Hub-Pak's pristine refined salt.
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